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Team and leadership Training

Team strengths development

Seeking to bring self-awareness, team appreciation and collaboration into focus for your team? Looking to foster a strengths-based culture within your department? Is maximizing team efficiency and cultivating synergies across your team one of your goals? We can help you realize your team's potential through our training offerings and individualized coaching.

Part 1 - Excellence from Within: A Strengths First Approach

Part 2 - Strengths Synergy & Unlocking Success through Collaboration

Leadership Strengths Coaching

When employees are encouraged to do tasks they really enjoy, they experience increased intrinsic motivation and longer periods of concentration. This propels creativity and productivity. How can you create this environment for your team as the leader? Learn to understand the strengths paradigm, how to integrate it into your team culture, and carry through the strengths message to get the most out of your team and increase retention overall. 


Are you looking to upskill your management team? Do you have a rapidly growing organization and are challenged with keeping your leaders trained in the art of leadership? RealizeU can help.  We provide individual skills workshops as well as customized leadership training courses to bring your employees up to speed.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Communication Skills

  • Team Building Through Strengths

  • Motivation, Engagement & Recognition

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders

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