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Coaching Options

Leadership coaching

Are you a leader in your organization seeking to grow your leadership skillset in such areas as communication, decision making, innovation, feedback and change management? Is your team challenging you in ways you're not sure how to address?  Do you need help setting intentional goals and following through to get that promotion you've been thinking about? If so, RealizeU can help you explore and reach your goal through one on one sessions. 


team coaching

Team Coaching is a strategy to increase workforce teams' effectiveness and cohesiveness. Are you a leader of a team who is facing change, interpersonally challenged, working in silos, or underperforming? If so, RealizeU can help the team identify the challenges, provide a safe space for honest sharing, problem solve as a cohesive group and learn the skills needed to move forward as a team, productively, and effectively.

Career Exploration Coaching​

Are you undecided about your next career move? Do you feel stuck in your current role and not sure if it's right for you? Are you a college student trying to figure out what your major should be and what you "want to be for the rest of your life"? If so, one on one individualized coaching sessions will help you navigate this challenge. 


self development coaching

Are you interested in building your confidence and self-awareness? Would you like to learn more about your natural talents and how to leverage them in your life? Do you have a specific personal goal you wish to reach? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you would benefit from individualized strengths coaching sessions. 

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