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ACCElerate your career search with your professional brand

A 3-part webinar course from expert career advisors


Elevate your career and life with tactics that Work.

Did you recently lose your job and don’t know what to do next?


Are you entering the workforce for the first time and feeling a bit lost?

Are you stuck in your career but feel hesitant to make a switch?


Are you more worried than ever about how current events will impact your job search and the economy at large?

We get it! We've been there. And the good news? Your personality, experience, resilience, and skillset are more marketable than you know! As two veteran career coaches, we have navigated turbulent employment markets and we know how to not only survive but thrive during times of economic uncertainty. 


There is no time like the present to hone the skills that make you a competitive candidate and develop the tenacity to move towards your career goals.


Through our 3-part webinar course, you will learn to communicate your personal value clearly and effectively, create an impactful and authentic professional brand, and become armed with the knowledge to go confidently in the direction of your career aspirations.


Enter the job market with confidence, excitement, and determination.




Your professional brand is the culmination of skills, personality traits, values, motivators, and contributions that inform an employer about who you are and the value you bring to the table.

1. REFINE your professional persona by exploring who you are at your very best

2. LEARN to effectively present your professional brand and articulate your ‘why’

3. IDENTIFY and fine-tune your professional brand message



Your career trajectory is critical to creating your professional pitch for networking contacts, recruiters and hiring managers. In this session, you will:

1. IDENTIFY your target coordinates - function and industry

2. LEARN how the job market is organized 

3. DEVELOP, refine, and deliver your brand pitch with confidence. 

***Bonus: Learn to create a powerful, discerning LinkedIn profile and learn to leverage LinkedIn's features to maximize visibility with recruiters via our training video



Now, it’s time to target the right people! Explore opportunities for powerful professional connections while learning expert tips for getting in front of key decision-makers.

1. IDENTIFY and learn to connect with key networking contacts

2. LEARN how to prepare and execute a successful informational interview

3. DISCOVER tools and tactics to make a positive, powerful, lasting impression

"Go confidently in the direction of your goals."

Silver Package

Gold Package

Platinum package

Perfect for first-time job seekers and tenured professionals alike, the Bronze Package includes the full webinar course, LinkedIn training video as well as all supplementary materials.

For those wanting more resume guidance, the Silver Package includes the full webinar course, LinkedIn training video, all course materials AND a personalized resume review and feedback.

For those seeking more in-depth guidance, the Gold Package includes the full webinar course, LinkedIn training video, all course materials, a personalized resume review with feedback and 3 custom one-on-one coaching sessions.


With the perfect balance of job exploration, career transition, and recruiting expertise, we are teaming up to share the most powerful tactics we’ve learned over the years including how to develop a strong understanding of your professional value, network effectively, nail an informational interview, and expedite the search for a job that brings you fulfillment and joy.

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JEnnifer kinder

Barbara greenberg

Jennifer Kinder is an ICF credentialed executive and career coach with experience in career services, third party executive recruiting and internal corporate recruiting over a 24-year career. She’s strategically equipped to deliver quality insight to best position yourself and gain visibility with your top target companies and differential yourself from the candidate pool. She is intensely motivated to help you build self-awareness, set goals, and achieve them.


She has worked with clients from Disney Institute, Target, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, MetLife Investment Management, Brashkem North America, Armstrong Flooring, various national and local government directors, and private sector executives.

Jennifer holds certifications as a GALLUP Clifton Strengths Coach and University Career Coach. She received her Bachelor of Science in Communications and Psychology from Towson State University.


As the dynamic leader of Launch Coaching, Barbara Greenberg, M.S. helps clients grow, gain insight, prepare for the future, and become the very best versions of themselves. As a talent developer, talent spotter, and certified Gallup Strengths Coach who has been working with teens and adults for over 25 years, Barbara has the innate ability to help clients discover a path to success in their careers, businesses, and personal lives. 


Clients from a variety of industries including Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc., Dove International, and LensCrafters have benefitted from Barbara’s strategic vision and down-to-earth, practical approach to managing all types of personal and organizational issues.


Barbara completed the Harvard Medical School Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Program and the Arizona Education Policy Fellowship Program at Arizona State University.

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